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I'm a Realtor in Denver, Colorado and I'm inviting you along for all things Mile High City, music, NWG and Real Estate. Content created with Y-O-U in mind. So, grab a glass and let's toast to the good life- in Denver.

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Hi! I'm Katie Bates

     I had a paintbrush in my hand, music blasting a little too loud for my dad’s liking, and strong feelings of FOMO from missing out on the weekend’s activities with my friends. It was circa 2004 and I was grounded (for what, I shall never tell) and decided I was going to paint my room while I was home. And not just a normal color… oh no, normal was not an option… I was about to slather one wall in dirt brown and then paint a floor-to-ceiling palm tree over it. My mother was terrified of the outcome, to say the least, but I was determined to do it… and I did it.

A floor-to-ceiling palm tree was the mural behind my bed for years to come and I have to say it wasn’t that bad!! I really surprised myself with how well it turned out. My mom even liked it! It was the first memory I have of taking interior decorating into my own hands and I haven’t looked back since.

I guess 8 moves in 15 years gives you the opportunity to continue changing your style. I mean, a fresh space equals fresh décor, right? That’s what I told myself anyways. After college, my best friend and I moved into a rental house in a neighborhood much like Five Points in Raleigh. I was obsessed with old homes and the character that came along with them. I was into vintage items at the time and went to yard sales, estate sales, antique shops, etc. to find the perfect pieces. It was my time to shine as a decorator. I’m not so sure I shined very bright, but at the time I thought it was freaking awesome. To this day, I still have a farm table (turned beer pong table on the weekends) I found at a vintage store I refuse to get rid of and now sits in a secondary bedroom in my home because I have no place for it… and no plans to pay money to store it.

The farm table I refuse to get rid of pictured in my first house after college.

One thing I love about decorating a home is how you can change the smallest details creating a large impact. Pillows, frames, rugs, light fixtures, coffee table décor, bathroom accessories… all items you can move around and switch out if you’re feeling the need for change. We spend so much time in our homes and we are constantly evolving, so why not evolve our home too?

Farmhouse style, a brown and teal moment (this was in college and we literally hung drink coasters on the wall for décor), a Lily Pulitzer green and pink nightmare, a boho chic vibe, an orange disaster, a “I live by myself, I want a pink couch” time to my white walls, all leather, woods and metals style I currently have all stem from the courage I had to paint a damn palm tree on my wall. It’s your home and you can decorate it, however, your heart desires at the moment… and then change it again and again… and again.

I have recently been obsessed with Architectural Digest and home design coffee table books and have found a lot of inspiration from interior decorators and people who just simply enjoy picking out each individual piece in their home with intention. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option (hi, hello, my name is Katie) then the Studio McGee collection at Target is awesome. And I will always love Pottery Barn, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and my all-time favorite, Anthropologie for home décor.

Move-in day at another house. I’m a sucker for all things pictured… wine, dogs, original hardwood floors, and exposed brick.

I am already designing my next home in my mind, and I am moving away from all whites and natural elements to rich colors, one-of-a-kind pieces, and carefully selected art. The vision for my next house might only be taking up space on my Pinterest board currently, but I look forward to when the time comes when I can let my creative juices flow again. Until then, part of the services I include when I list a home is light staging, so if you think your home would benefit from it, I am happy to use my inner interior decorator for you. I promise I won’t paint a giant palm tree on your wall… unless that’s the vibe.

Thinking about selling and need some ideas on how to get your house show ready? Reach out. We can walk through each room and discuss ways to make your house stand out and shine bright. Details included. //

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