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I'm a Realtor in Denver, Colorado and I'm inviting you along for all things Mile High City, music, NWG and Real Estate. Content created with Y-O-U in mind. So, grab a glass and let's toast to the good life- in Denver.

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Hi! I'm Katie Bates

Meet me in Uptown Denver for a whimsical experience!

Talulah Jones Storefront in Uptown Denver, Co.

From the moment you step inside, Talulah Jones offers a visual explosion of joy.

Gifts for your home, a kid or you… you will leave with something you had no idea you could live without. Opened in 2002, the store’s owner, Robin Lohre, wanted to create a store that “inspires human-connection, color, nature and uniqueness”.

Well let me tell you… Robin nailed it.

I came across TJ when I first moved to Denver and was drawn in by the holiday display in the front window. I left with funky book ornaments for my book club girls, items for friend’s babies and even something fun for my dog.

You could simply window shop for hours by just looking in to see the incredible window displays, but there’s so much more to explore inside.

Funky wine glasses, candles from local artists, lotions + perfumes and an entire section dedicated to kids will have you taking a break next door at La Bouche Wine Bar before heading back over to continue your adventure through the store.

Once you’ve arrived back… a tad tipsy… you’ll continue your adventure to find trinkets, fun dinnerware, one-of-a-kind items for your home and a few things you had no idea existed.

Not only is the store full of fun, but the staff makes your experience second to none. Every time I walk in I am greeted with smiling faces and often new goodies being unpackaged behind the counter.

Denver has an array of unique and whimsical stores, but this one continues proving to be my favorite one. Do you have any you love? Let me know! //

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