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I'm a Realtor in Denver, Colorado and I'm inviting you along for all things Mile High City, music, NWG and Real Estate. Content created with Y-O-U in mind. So, grab a glass and let's toast to the good life- in Denver.

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Hi! I'm Katie Bates

Part of selling real estate in Denver, Colorado is selling the local community which is arguably as fun as selling homes themselves. In order to sell the local community, I have to discover and experience it, right? At least that’s what I tell myself every time I check out an unexplored restaurant, shop, trail, bar… you get the point.

It was a Tuesday and I was craving a solo adventure to somewhere new and upon coming across, Potager Restaurant and Winebar, I knew I had found the place. Located in the popular Capital Hill neighborhood, you are welcomed by an understated exterior, string lights draping from the ceiling and lots of little lamps. I mean can we say, vibe?

denver colorado restaurant capital hill

I opted to grab a bar stool, so I could sit and eat at the heart of the restaurant and take it all in. Even though I arrived solo, I instantly felt like I was surrounded by family conversating and laughing about the day’s events. The best restaurants, in my opinion, are the ones that organically transport you to another time and place… and this restaurant hit the mark.

The wine selection presents in front of you in wooden cases as the backdrop to the bar. The bartender was knowledgeable about their wine selection and was able to suggest the perfect Bodega Cerron with ingredients that would pair well with the autumn menu they just released two days prior. I was feeling at home, so why not eat like it?

I started with the Tomato Squash Miso Soup followed by the Gouda SoufflĂ© and holy cow, let’s just stop right there. These two dishes were absolutely incredible and unlike anything I have tasted before. The soup is poured in front of you and the color is autumn in a bowl. The roasted apple in the soufflĂ© paired perfectly with the gouda and chili bacon lardon. If I would have called it a night after these two dishes, I would have been satisfied… but I had to try more.

denver colorado restaurant capital hill

I chose the Raviolo with sweet potato and brown butter for my main course. I rarely put my fork down when eating, but I had no choice but to in order to savor every bite. The wine was flowing at this point and I figured what the hell, let’s order desert and call this a celebration of some damn good food. And honestly, I was feeling like a food critic at this point and if I am writing a piece about the restaurant, it would be sinful to not round out the meal with dessert. In wanting to savor the feeling of home, I opted for the chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Luckily this was not the chocolate pudding I grew up on because if it was I would definitely be a few sizes larger.

After practically licking the pudding bowl, I was in conversation with the bartender who told me the current owners took over the restaurant in 2019 and wanted to keep the same ambience and family feel as the original daughter/father owner duo crafted it in to. Not only is the ambiance one not to be competed with, the chef’s mind is as fresh as the entire menu of locally sourced ingredients prepared in the kitchen garden, AKA Potager…and I can’t wait to go back and try more.

Looking for more Mile High City recommendations? Shoot me an email or check out my website for a local guide to Denver, Colorado. //

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